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Class 4 Laser

Class 4 Laser | Heal Sciatica, Disc Herniation, & Scoliosis

Our FDA cleared Class IV Deep-Tissue Therapy Laser System is noninvasive and initiates numerous physiological and biological responses to aid and accelerate the body’s own natural healing system to more rapidly and completely repair injured tissue. It provides pain relief (analgesia), stimulates the release of endorphins, muscle relaxation and aids in the anti-inflammatory process (increasing vasodilation, reduces inflammatory edema, inhibits synthesis of inflammatory prostaglandin). This therapy will allow your body tissues to regenerate and heal at an accelerated rate. These are just a few of the conditions that can benefit from the Class IV Laser:

1. Sensory or peripheral neuropathy (Sciatica, numbness and weakness in the extremities)

2. Edema (swelling)

3. Degenerative diseases (disc herniation, disc protrusion, spinal stenosis)

4. Soft tissue injuries (muscle sprains/strains)

5. Pain management