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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

At Revision, we strive to enhance the well being of our local communities through compassionate service to companies, schools, and non-profits. We are a founding member of The Doctors for Health and Wellness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization assembled to help educate the public about health development. Through volunteer activities, such as Lunch-and-Learn lectures, Health Fair screenings, Employee Wellness Days or Corporate Talks, we donate our time, staff and resources for community health enhancement.

Companies who have put in place a corporate wellness program for their employees have reported:

  • improved health among employees
  • decreased injuries and/or sickness among employees
  • reduction in unnecessary surgeries
  • reduction in days missed and productivity due to injuries and sickness
  • savings in cost of healthcare premiums due to a decrease in claims

If you’re looking to save money and have a healthier, happier workforce, contact us now!

Our services provided through The Doctors for Health and Wellness Foundation are absolutely NO-COST to any corporation, business, or community group served. Many businesses and organizations have been gracious and offered tips or gifts to members, however no tipping or other material ‘thank yous’ can be accepted as dictated by our member bylaws. A simple acknowledgement (and the ‘light bulb’ going ON above a lecture participants head) is the greatest gift to us.

Healthy Accountability

Depending on the venue, participants are taught proactive approaches, such as exercises and stretches, to improve their health, strategies to minimize stressors (physical and mental), or they are taught preventative measures to ensure that they can lead an active lifestyle, rather than succumb to sickness, illnesses or injury.

Some of our lunchtime lectures are co-sponsored by a local restaurant, so the 45 minute presentation will satisfy employee interests, as well as their hunger. Our health screenings or preventive analysis (such as ergonomic assessments) may last from 1-2 hours, depending on the size of your organization. Employee pamper or wellness days typically last 1-3 hours, again depending on organizational size.

A healthy community starts here in our own backyard. We look forward to enhancing the wellbeing of your members and employees.