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Functional Medicine

Holistic Addiction Recovery

Recovery from substance abuse and addictions is a recovery of mind, body and spirit.  Addictions can be to Alcohol, Tobacco, Illicit Substances, Prescription Drugs, and Processed Carbohydrates.  At Revision, we use the Integrative Medicine approach to help individuals to regain wellness holistically.

Addiction Detoxification & Recovery of the Whole Body

While many practitioners focus on the recovery of mind and spirit, few resources are available to assist you to heal from the damage by drugs, alcohol and even the antibiotics that help you get through the beginning of your sober days.  At Revision, we offer this missing link – a recovery of the body.  For instance, we offer amino acid precursor therapies to help restore the imbalanced neurotransmitters that may have caused substance or alcohol use or abuse in the first place. These amino acid and nutritional therapies can be delivered through natural nutritional supplements.

How to Proceed

At Revision, the integrative addiction recovery therapy with Dr. Tang is intended to complement and enhance the benefits of the conventional addiction treatment your facility provide.

On the first visit, Dr. Tang will perform a history and physical examination. Laboratory testing will be recommended to determine the underlying biochemical imbalances. Dr. Tang will analyze the result and provide recommendations as to how best to proceed. Our goal is to bring the body back into homeostasis so it is at the optimum state of health.