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Sports Recovery

Beverly Hills sports injury

Athletes have special needs and Revision understands the specific nature and requirements needed to help you perform optimally.  Our Sports Therapy and Recovery program offers the competitive advantage that athletes of all levels are now seeking.  The goal of Revision’s Sports Therapy and Recovery Program is to diagnosis, rehabilitate, recondition and re-introduce a new and improved you. It is vital to recognize injuries early and provide the best method of treatment to assure a quick and safe return to activities in order to prevent recurring injuries. Working as a team, Dr. Tang and our athletic trainers provide care that is holistic and unique to each individual patient.  Our team approach includes close communication with physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, employers and nutritionists on the progress of each individual.  Patients of our Sports Therapy and Recovery program often see better performance, fewer injuries and faster recovery.

Our Sports Therapy and Recovery program will benefit those with:

– Acute and Chronic musculoskeletal injuries

– Post-operative injuries

– Sprains and Strains

– Tedonitis and Bursitis

At Revision, Dr. Derrick Tang uses the latest techniques and procedures including:

– Sports/Actvitity Specific excercises and training

– Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

– Class IV Laser

– GameReady System

– Chiropractic Care

– Massage Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy

– Proprioceptive Training

– Functional Activities

– Bracing and Taping (athletic and kinesiotaping)