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Success Stories


Alex C, professional golfer

Last year when I was training for my upcoming golf tour, I over-trained which resulted in a horrific injury.  I went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even stand for more than 5 minutes at sometimes.  I was told by various medical professionals that it was everything from kidney stones to a UTI.  No one could help me.  I eventually was referred to Dr. Tang and this event changed my life.  He was the only person to be able to provide relief from my pain.  I was going 3-4 times per week in the beginning and I started to see real improvement.  He really took the time to work on my lower core and strengthen the damaged parts in there.  He got me to the point where I was walking/sleeping normally, and then eventually I was even able to hit a golf ball again!  When I first met Dr. Tang, I thought this might never be possible again.  I rarely say this, but I really feel like Dr. Tang changed my life forever.  If you’re in any type of pain or discomfort, I highly recommend giving Dr. Tang a try.  One session changed my life forever!


Dom, fell flat on his back with broken backbone and ribs, April 2015

John S, primary care physician, April 2015

As a primary care physician, I am constantly being asked by patients whether they should see a chiropractor for aches and pains. In general, I do not recommend chiropractors. My impression is, after having seen dozens of chiropractors myself and having numerous patients complain of aggravated symptoms after chiropractic care, that many chiropractors only skim the surface of a patient’s complaints, are too aggressive, and try to overmanage problems they aren’t knowledgeable about without being able to recognize insidious signs, thereby going far beyond their scope of practice and putting the patient at risk. HOWEVER, there is one chiropractor who I DO trust to send my patients and friends and who I also have regularly treat myself and my family for pain and to maintain optimal structure as they grow. Dr. Derrick Tang is nothing less than an exceptional practitioner. He is an intelligent mix of chiropractor and physical therapist. He takes an extensive history, knows when to send a patient back to their doctor for further work up, and has excellent bedside manner, but this is not why I set aside time in my crammed schedule to seek him out to relieve my own musculoskeletal issues from stress and scoliosis. Dr. Tang has the gift of intelligent touch, which is not something that can be easily trained. Rather, it is innate. He will find all the somatic dysfunction in your body and treat them expertly. It is difficult to describe what Dr. Tang is able to do without experiencing it for yourself. Therefore, if your doctor has given you the okay to try chiropractic treatment for pain or just for maintenance, please, please, please only go to a reputable and skilled practitioner. Dr. Tang is safe, highly skilled, and trustworthy, and my patients, friends, family, and I can testify that you will be in excellent hands.

Devyn Barnes, avoided extensive foot surgery, December 2015

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Tang and his care! I have had back problems for years, as a result from a knee injury and extremely flat feet. I have seen various doctors in the past, who’ve gone as far as to recommend extensive foot surgery (including shortening two toes…yikes! I’m only 22) and yearlong treatment plans.
On my first visit with Dr. Tang, we went over any and all pain I was feeling, some of which I assumed irrelevant. But Dr. Tang explained how an intense tingling sensation I felt in my shoulder was connected to the pain I was feeling in my back, hips and glutes. He explained by actually showing me this connection, so I could feel and understand it myself. Through this reasoning, I knew he was genuine in his assessment, especially as he went on to recommend a much shorter treatment plan than I had expected!

Within only a handful of visits, and the combination of adjustments and massage therapy, the tingling in my shoulder has gotten so much better, and I don’t remember the last time my back and neck have felt this good. Additionally, I showed Dr. Tang the x-rays from the doctor that suggested the extensive foot surgery, and he assured me that it was far from necessary! Again, to make me understand by showing, he pulled up an image of a normal foot x-ray, and showed me a side-by-side comparison to mine. Another genuine assessment!

I was only in LA temporarily, and Dr. Tang ensured his continued care of my health. I know I can call him if I am speculating a new doctor, or want to run any additional diagnoses by him. Also, I feel more confident in my own knowledge as well!

Thank you Dr. Tang!

Derrick J, weightlifting champion, October 2015

With my rigorous training schedule I try to go here at least twice a week to speed up recovery. I spend an hour each visit in the hyperbaric chamber to increase blood flow, to detox, and to feel fresh for the next workout. Add the IV laser treatment in there and I miss no in the gym!!

Anna M, professional ballroom competitor, August 2015

I am a professional ballroom dancer/competitor. I’ve been dancing for over 25 years and am a dance coach for the past 10 years. My body bares a lot of physical stress every day. I’ve always had problems with my neck and shoulder area and have been going to many different professionals (chiropractors, massage, acupuncture etc) throughout the years to get rid of the pain. Dr. Tang was recommended to me by one of my students. He is BY FAR THE BEST professional in the field I have ever met! He has “Magic hands”! He knows EXACTLY where to press and adjust to relieve the pressure and pain. He is extremely knowledgeable and can tell you precisely the issue you are having and why you are having it. I used to live in California and see him regularly. I now live in Virginia traveling to California for business on monthly basis and still see him whenever I can during my trips. Since I had moved I was not able to find anyone nearly as good in my area or anywhere for that matter (I travel a lot).. I highly recommend Dr. Tang to anyone who has any kind of bones/muscles issues. And for Athletes – he is a must!!

Alex C, professional golfer , February 2015

Last year when I was training for my upcoming golf tour, I over-trained which resulted in a horrific injury.  I went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even stand for more than 5 minutes at sometimes.  I was told by various medical professionals that it was everything from kidney stones to a UTI.  No one could help me.  I eventually was referred to Dr. Tang and this event changed my life.  He was the only person to be able to provide relief from my pain.  I was going 3-4 times per week in the beginning and I started to see real improvement.  He really took the time to work on my lower core and strengthen the damaged parts in there.  He got me to the point where I was walking/sleeping normally, and then eventually I was even able to hit a golf ball again!  When I first met Dr. Tang, I thought this might never be possible again.  I rarely say this, but I really feel like Dr. Tang changed my life forever.  If you’re in any type of pain or discomfort, I highly recommend giving Dr. Tang a try.  One session changed my life forever!

Candy D, CrossFit athlete, physical education program director, January 2016

I found Dr Tang by word of mouth through my Muay Thai instructor. Due to a crossfit injury I have been battling a rotator cuff issue for a bit over a year and It has progressively gotten worse. Before coming to Revision,  the movement in my arm was minimal and I could not lift any weight above my shoulder.

When visiting Dr Tang for the first time he answered all of my questions and worked on my shoulder to show me the type of work he would be doing.

Currently I am still getting worked on and I am also back to lifting weights again! The weights I am using is minimal but he is building my strength up and continuing to work on my injury. I am so happy I am able to use my arm again! He uses his hands a lot and it reminds me or graston work but he uses his hands instead of the tools. I have also had the chance to use the hyperbaric tank and he does use laser therapy on my shoulder as well.

I have been looking for someone like Dr Tang to truly heal my injury and bring me back to the road of recovery. I am so thankful his place exists!

I highly recommend his services for all athletes with any type of injury. Dr Tang has a lot of knowledge and he has very powerful hands to work on all those knots and pains!

Carla R, previously misdiagnosed back injury, August 2015

Dr. Tang is seriously THE best. I came in with a misdiagnosed back injury (for a month) and within minutes he was able to pinpoint the issue and begin treating it. He is SO knowledgable and knows exactly how to treat an injury. I was at the point of not being able to take a full deep breath and within 2 visits I was able to breath again! Prior to him I had seen another Chiropractor for 4 visits and nothing was improving. Dr. Tang is professional and confident which allows you to trust his care. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to him who has sports related injuries. He is the best!

Shana D, masters swimmer, January 2016

I met Dr. Tang at a running event where he and staff had a booth set up.  I was in bad shape for sure.  I am a masters swimmer and i had reached the point where the pain in my shoulder and arm precluded me from swimming and quite honestly became depressed.  Within 3 weeks he had reduced the pain significantly and i was able to swim with less pain.  Now 2 months into treatment i have no pain while swimming and am excited to swim again.

Rush K, CrossFit coach, November 2015

Just AMAZING… I’ve had a bit of a fear of going to a chiropractor for the longest time due to a few horror stories. I have to say Dr. Tang was the best! he was very mindful of my stress and walked me through everything after a very thorough evaluation. I’m an athlete and put my body through some pretty terrible training daily and walked out of his office feeling lighter and able to move better. Very nice, trusting, very knowledgeable and what a great comfy practice! A+.

Ben D, competitive weightlifter and CrossFit athlete, October 2015

Dr. Tang is the real deal.  For some reason I have decided to be a competitive weightlifter at 43.  Training for competition and doing Crossfit can be hard on my body, and Dr. Tang gets me tuned up and ready to train hard again.  He not only gives me chiropractic adjustments he also works on my muscles and tendons that I stress daily.  I would highly recommend seeing him if you are serious about your health.

Kelly H, a bad case of undiagnosed Lymes disease as a child, March 2015

Dr. Tang is not only a healing genius, he is an amazing soul and really cares about the health and wellness of his patients.  As an artist and muralist, the stress of painting large-scale pieces has taken a toll on my neck and back…Dr. Tang has completely reversed this- after only a few visits.  My back not only feels 110 percent better, but my overall wellbeing is rebalanced because of his treatments, direction, and his good energy.


I’m not one to spend much time writing reviews on yelp, and I’m certainly not one to boast about any doctors that I’ve seen- as I have had many negative experiences with all different kinds.
For years I had suffered from chronic migraines, chronic fatigue, and major stress and anxiety issues all resulting from a bad case of undiagnosed Lymes disease as a child.  I felt hopeless with the misguidance I was given from past doctors who threw drugs at me and didn’t listen to me as a person- I am clean and sober and at one point one of them tried to convince me to get a prescription for morphine because they said that I was always going to be in chronic pain and discomfort and I might as well bite the bullet.
After all I had been through, even with my extremely biased opinion from my negative past with health providers….I will say, confidently, that Dr. Tang with his zen and caring nature is honestly helping me get my health back and feel even better than before I got sick.  He is truly balancing me with his amazing gift of healing.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to feel better than better.

Steven D, scoliosis, March 2015

I’ve been seeing different chiropractors since the sixth grade due to my scoliosis. Dr. Tang stands out from the rest of the competition because he really does make the pain go away through chiropractic adjustments & physical therapy. He definitely takes a more wholesome approach that others simply do not do.  I would recommend Dr. Tang to all my friends.

Craig Avera, CrossFit trainer, July 2015

As a competitive CrossFit athlete, I put my body through the ringer on a daily basis. Training hard is key, but recovery from that is equally important for me to keep performance optimal. The occasional minor injury or minor tweak is to be expected, and whenever my body needs reparation, I see Dr. Tang. His body work expedites recovery, and maybe even more valuable is its ability to act as a preventative measure.

I also really enjoy hopping into the hyperbaric oxygen chamber after a few days of continuous training. Again, recovery is key, and I can tell a noticeable difference after 30-40 minutes in the chamber.

All the services offered at REVISION have been useful and keep me going strong. Thank you Dr. Tang!

Michael S, business executive, February 2015

I was involved in a car accident awhile back and as a result felt a lot of stiffness/pain/discomfort in my lower back and neck (the neck not as bad).  It was uncomfortable to sit or stand for too long and it really affected my ability to do my job.  I was recommended to Dr. Tang and he changed my life!  Let me start by saying I had never been to a chiropractor in my life, it just seemed too scary and the thought of it kind of made me cringe.  I decided to give Dr. Tang a try and I am so glad I got over my fear and did.  Number one, he makes you feel very comfortable and really takes the time to figure out what’s going on and what’s wrong with you.  He talked me through the whole treatment and I felt instant relief.  I kept going back until I felt 100% and to be honest, my back probably feels even better than it did before the accident.  I have recommended Dr. Tang to everyone I know with any sort of physical pain.  One session and I was hooked.  He is a miracle worker, and I look back and am so happy I got over my fear of chiropractors and met Dr Tang!

Side note: They have these crazy chairs in his waiting area/lounge, I think they were called zero gravity chairs or something.  These were insane, I felt like I was floating, I’m thinking about ordering one from him!  If you’re there waiting for an appointment MAKE sure you try these out.

Cyrus W, professional golfer, February 2015

I have been a golf professional for over 6 years now. The amount of strain on my body caused by hours and hours of practice and weight lifting requires me to have a weekly readjustment with my chiropractor. If I don’t, the pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders and that tennis elbow will affect my performance on the course. Back in the days, going to the chiropractor was a love-hate relationship. Yes my body can perform better after the session, but the process was extremely painful. At that time I thought that was the norm…WRONG…

Recently a friend of mine told me about Revision and Dr. Tang. His office is close to my work so I decided to give it a shot.

Revision is clean and the staff is attentive and friendly.  Due to my childhood experiences, I do not feel comfortable when i step in any medical facilities. The decor to Revision makes it different from any other “doctor offices.” Therefore I was actually relaxed upon entry.

Okay here’s the important stuff. So from the moment I met Dr. Tang, he was very professional yet approachable. He took his time to understand my situation and conditions. For the first session, I had a stiff lower back and neck. He massaged out my back muscles with a foam roller to get them to relax. Then he went on with the adjustments. As he was looking for the points on my back where it was tight, I was thinking to myself “oh god this is where it gets painful..” But that was not how it turned out. I felt ZERO pain and Dr. Tang gave me very simple instructions on what he was about to do so I can prep myself for what is going to happen. He cracked my neck, lower back, and upper back. Again.. the process was PAINLESS. The pressure on my lower back and neck instantly disappeared and I felt like a new person.

Right after I was done, he had me sit on these chairs called “Zero Gravity Chairs”. MOST COMFORTABLE CHAIRS EVER! It leans all the way back so you feel like an astronaut getting ready for take off. The benefits of sitting it in right after the adjustments is that the chair will put your body in a position where there will be no pressure on your spine. Make sure you try this chair!

Revision will now be my new weekly spot and thanks to Dr. Tang, I can now work even harder on my golf games.

Dara S, active swimmer, January 2016

Dr. Tang has been treating me for over a month now.  When I started with him the pain in my neck and shoulders was at an 8 due to an overuse injury and I had almost no range of motion in my neck.  He has successfully been able to bring back not only my range of motion so that I can start swimming again but my pain has been reduced significantly.  The results of have been fantastic!  He’s so great to work with and is committed to your healing process.

Tina L, previously had chronic back pain, February 2015

My lower back has been injured for about 7 months. During that time, I’ve sought treatments from various chiropractors and acupuncture centers, only to be let down. After hearing about the amazing results my friend had after going to Dr. Tang, I decided to try it out. During treatments, he combines massage therapy, chiropractic procedures and laser therapy to loosen up the affected area. The decrease in my lower back pain was almost immediate. Not only does he administer effective treatments, but he also sends you home with helpful tips on stretching and information to expedite the healing process. He is thorough, answers all your questions and puts more effort in trying to heal you than any doctor I’ve visited. After only a couple of treatments, my back feels significantly better and it’s only been 3 weeks! For the first time in 7 months, I have hope I will heal and be able to get back to my once active lifestyle.

Cody L, foot injury, November 2015

Dr. Tang is amazing! I had a recent foot problem and only one hour with him, he has it feeling brand new. He took very good care of me and did an excellent job on my foot. However the best thing about Dr. Tang is his ability to make you comfortable and informed. Apart from his great skills at making you get back to normal. I can not speak more about how good he treats his patient. He is highly recommend from me!

Tiffany A, mother of a 4-year-old and a white-collared professional, July 2015

Beautiful office, professional, and knowledgeable! Came in to see Dr. Derrick Tang for an ongoing issue with my tricep and he was GREAT! Helped pinpoint what was going and took care of some issues to help with my recovery from weekly training. Also got to try the Hyperbaric chamber for the first time…awesome!!! Felt so refreshed and relaxed after!

Myna U, involved in a major car accident, February 2015

If you are ever in the LA area, I highly recommend going to Dr. Tang!! I was in a major car accident and my neck and back was killing me.. within a few months of going to Dr. Tang, I felt as good as new. I actually never had my neck adjusted before and was very scared but Dr. Tang made sure I was comfortable and was very very patience with me. It turned out better than I thought! No more fear! I actually like getting my neck adjusted now!

Thank you Dr. Tang for helping me to a speedy recovery 🙂 you are awesome!!!

Will definitely be coming back to get my neck and back adjusted!!

Tig T, professional photographer suffering neck stiffness, February 2015

I had my back adjusted or “fixed” by Dr. Tang because of my long term stiffness in certain areas. Having tried deep tissue massages and constant swimming to relieve the tensions I was surprised and relieved at how efficiently Dr. Tang was able to help me alleviate the stress. The procedure takes minutes and it is a must try if you suffer from tiring pains along the spine. Really love the service at Revision and would recommend you to try it out to experience the difference. I look forward to my next appointment :))

Jenny V, constant back pain from work out, February 2015

I have a lot of lower back pain and I work out 5 days a week (crossfit, yoga, dance, cardio) so you can imagine what kind of work I need to get done on my back. I usually get massages to help loosen up my muscles, but my lower back is usually the most stubborn and pain comes back in full force. I was recommended by a friend to go see him and seriously – Dr. Tang is the answer! He was able to work out the kinks in my lower back and the pressure was gone. I am very much looking forward to going to my next session with Dr. Tang.

J.J. P, bad sleeping posture causing sleepless nights, February 2015

I recently visited Dr. Tang at Revision thanks to a friend’s recommendation. For the past year or so I’ve been having trouble getting a full night of sleep. Without fail I wake up almost every night around 2am-3am and cannot go back to sleep until it’s almost time to wake up. It only took one session with Dr. Tang to fix that. He was very good at explaining why I might be having this issue, and even discovered that it was basically my own fault. My entire life I have slept on my stomach with at least one arm propped under my head. Dr. Tang pointed out that that was the worst thing I could possibly do. We’ve figured out a lot of things together about my sleeping habits, and he makes sure to check up on me even when I don’t have any upcoming appointments. It’s reassuring to go to a doctor who cares that much. No bs at Revision.

Lindsay McCormick, dancing performance after seeing Dr. Tang, July 2015

I had a severe neck injury that happened unexpectedly and needed attention immediately, Dr.Tang was both accommodating and professional! He got me back to dancing within less than 24 hours! Which had to happen since I had a performance that night. Thank you, Dr. Tang! The office was stunning and the treatment even more amazing.

Ashley Kelsey, CrossFit athlete, July 2015

Dr. Tang has taught me a lot about the importance of maintaining my body outside of the gym! I have been a cross fit athlete for the past 3 years and it wasn’t until I started getting treatment that I realized how much better my body feels and how much more efficient I am in the gym now. Oh and I was deathly afraid of adjusting my neck and it took Dr. Tang a solid two months to even convince me to let him do it, but he was so gentle, found the exact spot I needed adjusted and only adjusted that spot! It was quick, painless, and now I ask to get it done all the time! Over all great doctor and I recommend him to anyone who is looking to maintain a healthy body and/or needs a doctor that can diagnose and treat in the most effective and efficient way!

Brittany, previously had chronic back pain, February 2015

If you live in the LA area I HIGHLY suggest you try coming to Revision! I have had chronic back pain for years and knew I had damage but was too scared to go to someone. After only two visits Dr. Tang has already changed my life. Everyday I feel less pain and tension and can go about my activities much easier. He instantly relieves my pain and even uses a laser to help heal my damaged cells and tissue from the inside out.

Callina P, active white-collar, March 2015

I already can’t wait until my next appointment with Dr Tang. He immediately found my problem areas and worked out all the knots in my upper back and neck. The pressure and tension in my upper back causes headaches and I haven’t gotten a headache since my last visit. Dr Tang is a miracle worker and I highly highly recommend you see him asap.